Should POTUS Take On SCOTUS?

Dahlia Lithwick doesn't see why not:

Polls show that 80 percent of the country hated the Citizens United decision, overturning several precedents and some major campaign finance law when it first came down and they still hate the ruling six weeks later. It was surely bad manners for the president to attack the court as the justices sat, quietly napping, before him at the State of the Union. But I don't see where it was bad politics.

Jeffrey Rosen looks to history and agrees:

The greatest appeal of Court-bashing for Obama is that it can be based on a principled vision of economic populism and judicial restraint. ... Obama could gain all the benefits of Court-bashing while avoiding all of the dangers, arguing plausibly that conservatives have betrayed their long-standing principles by using narrow Court majorities to reverse their defeats in the political arena. In this kind of fight, the Roberts Court doesn’t stand a chance.