Yglesias hoses the Kristol-NRO-WSJ brigade:

it’s worth observing that it’s literally not possible for Republicans to win enough Senate seats in 2010 to pass anything over Barack Obama’s veto.

Toobin posits that the Supreme Court isn't going to overturn the law on constitutional grounds.

But what does a movement do when it has to face a fact on the ground that refutes its fantasies of public opinion and purist ideology?

Denial and more acting out. They cannot yet understand that their visceral hatred of a moderate and long overdue bill just isn't credible to reasonable people, has been made to sound half-nuts by the fringe and that the benefits of the bill - the lifting of anxiety so many feel with respect to illness - may well make it a popular bill by the fall. If the GOP runs on repeal, they will seem bitter, angry sour losers obsessed with the past.

Because they still haven't understood why Obama was elected, the GOP will get worse before it gets better.