Refuting The Christianists And Theocons On Homosexuality

Here's the beginning of my talk on the politics of homosexuality at Princeton. It's in two parts, one just below, and continued after the jump. It's an attempt to take the arguments of both Protestant Biblical literalists and Catholic adherents of natural law on their own terms and to show how they make no internal sense; how they are internally incoherent even on their own terms. My same dissections on the delusions of the queer left, middle-of-the-road moderate conservatism and Human Rights Campaign liberalism, will be posted in the next few days. The entire speech, if you have the time this weekend, can be seen here.

But here's my case against the Biblical fundamentalists:

I tackle the natural law arguments here:

And here's the clincher against the prohibitionist position that holds sway across much of the world today: