Reality vs The WSJ Propaganda

From the Wall Street Journal today, by Scott Rasmussen, Republican pollster, and Doug Schoen:

One of the more amazing aspects of the health-care debate is how steady public opinion has remained. Despite repeated and intense sales efforts by the president and his allies in Congress, most Americans consistently oppose the plan that has become the centerpiece of this legislative season.

In 15 consecutive Rasmussen Reports polls conducted over the past four months, the percentage of Americans that oppose the plan has stayed between 52% and 58%. The number in favor has held steady between 38% and 44%.

And yet the latest YouGov poll, reflecting the direction of many others, now shows a majority favoring reform, 53 - 47, as I noted yesterday. And Pollster's poll of polls, excluding Rasmussen's outlier numbers, favoring the old, white and Republican, show a dramatic rise in support this past month, as the consequences of getting nothing at all begin to sink in:

Even if you include Rasmussen's consistently outlier polling, as Chait notes, you get this: