Quote For The Day

"The United States has a profound interest in redressing the long-standing grievances of the Palestinian people -- not with expectation that Islamic extremism will thereby vanish, with Muslims everywhere falling in love with America, but in order to strip away every last vestige of claimed moral justification for violent jihadism directed against the West.

To pretend that this divergence of interests does not exist or does not matter -- or to sustain the pretense that the fraudulent "peace process" holds out any real prospect of producing a solution -- is the equivalent of allowing a sore to fester.

The inevitable result is to allow infection to spread, with potentially fateful consequences. Here in the ninth year of the Long War, with U.S. policy toward the Islamic world one long record of folly and miscalculation, what we need is more candor, not less," - Andy Bacevich, noting that none other than general David Petraeus has now endorsed a key thesis of Walt and Mearsheimer and many others in the reality-based community: Israel's strategic interests in the post-cold War world are not always America's interests.

And the reason for the current battle is not personality or internal Israeli politics or anti-Semitism; it is that this fact can no longer be ignored. In my view, at some point soon, the US needs to propose the details of a two-state solution and take active steps to enforce it.