Playing Israel's Game

Room For Debate argues over the Israeli-American relationship. Amjad Atallah's take:

The United States has been sending its messages with carrots and great diplomatic restraint. The current Israeli government, in stark contrast, has been responding like a petulant child, outraged that it hasn’t been able to get U.S. acquiescence to its own short-term political strategy.

There is a great deal at stake in this public and private dispute between Israel and the United States. President Obama should consider responding in a similar manner, by creating his own facts on the ground, and ending all forms of U.S. cover and support of the settlement enterprise and other policies that sustain the occupation.

Amen. Cut off loan guarantees, suspend aid, threaten to remove the UN veto. But none of this has a chance to happening except the latter. The Congress won't allow it - because the GOP's Christianist wing wants a greater Israel to hasten Armeggedon and because the Democrats are so scared of AIPAC.