Pelosi's Cunning?

A reader writes:

When on I saw the NYT headline, "House will not use ‘deem and pass’ to pass health care”, I had a thought: What if it was all a ruse?  What if Pelosi and Slaughter know the right wing so well that they knew if they dropped a hint that they might use it to pass the health care bill, the right blogosphere and all their friends would jump on it like it was a piece of red meat thrown to the lions. 

So while Peggy Noonan was busy writing a column for the WSJ entitled “Demon Pass” and excoriating the Dems for even thinking about it ...

and Mitch McConnell’s op-ed piece about its constitutionality and the AG of Virginia vowing to sue if deem and pass was used…while in the background, where no one noticed, they were working to get a deal with Stupak, the president was working the phones, etc.  So when they essentially said "oh, never mind, we’re not going to do that," there are a whole bunch of Republicans on record that deem and pass is not only the wrong thing to do, it’s unconstitutional.  Wait til the Republicans are in charge in the House again (which will happen, I’m sure) and they try deem and pass. Won’t THAT be fun to watch?

Maybe they are all smarter and tougher than I thought.