Palin In Cedar Rapids

by Chris Bodenner

While Palin's second book is already underway, her first one is still getting fact-checked. From the Iowa Independent:

In her book, “Going Rogue,” Palin briefly discusses the visit to Cedar Rapids as follows: “… Jason, Jeannie and Bexie were there at one of our first campaign stops after the convention, a stop I’ll never forget. It was at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The town was a slice of Americana, with its quaint town square with mom-and-pop stores; red, white and blue bunting; moms and dads; kids in strollers; seniors; and people of every color. …”

Except that "slice of America" was still recovering from the most devastating natural disaster in the state's history. The Independent concludes:

Sarah Palin's description ... can only be described as fiction. The campaign event was held at the airport, and there was no quaint town square with patriotic bunting in the wake of massive 2008 floods.