Life As A Gay Ugandan

Time reports:

About a year ago, her partner's father assaulted [Pepe Julian Onziema] when he saw the couple walking down the street together. She ended up bruised and battered, her clothes torn and with a mild concussion. 

In comparison to the open hostility Onziema faces from the outside world, at her and her girlfriend's airy apartment in a Kampala, life is beautifully mundane domesticity. Her partner cooks, and Onziema chimes in that she does too in a way that makes it obvious that she doesn't. They both clean, they have friends over for beers, they watch music videos. Onziema wants more. She bought her girlfriend a ring and hopes to get married. "But if we get married, her dad has to give her away," Onziema says, discouraged by the torn jeans she keeps from the night of the attack.

(Hat tip: BTB)