IIPF Banned?

Enduring America is tracking reports of aggression against Iran’s leading reformist party, the Islamic Iran Participation Front (aka Mosharekat, whose members include the recently released Tajzadeh):

Deputy Interior Ministry Solat Mortazavi told the Iranian Students News Agency that all activities of IIPF have been banned and its headquarters have been locked. Mortazavi implied that the ban was in place before the IIPF announcement that its congress had been called off because of pressure from security forces. ... Speaking to BBC Persian, a leading member of the IIPF, Ali Shakouri, disputed the claim that the party was banned but confirmed that its headquarters are locked and inaccessible.

An EA correspondent puts the rumors in context:

This is potentially a very destabilising move that would be impossible without the direct consent of the Supreme Leader. Whether the judiciary confirms the Interior ministry announcement will be the next big development. If the head of the judiciary, Sadegh Larijani agrees with Mortazavi, Ahmadinejad’s political deputy, this would be a major setback for those hoping for a conservative alignment against the President.