How Do We Dig Out?

Kinsley is taking heat for his article worrying about inflation. There isn't much reason to fear inflation at this very moment, but Kinsley's larger concern is about the unsustainable debt. He responds to Krugman's critique:

I have been waiting for Paul Krugman to tell me how we are going to handle the debt, once we get this recession out of the way. No, really. There’s no economist whose judgment I trust more. (About economics, that is.) I’ve been all for the stimulus and the jobs bill and even, I guess, the sundry bailouts. But don’t we at some point have to start paying the money back? And how are we going to do that? Krugman’s failure (unless I’ve missed it) to give us an answer to that question is one of the things that makes me worry.

Krugman replies. Ryan Avent adds his thoughts, which Felix Salmon seconds. More on why we can't inflate away the debt from Catherine Rampell.