Goldberg On New Media

by Andrew Sullivan

Jeffrey Goldberg, for one, hails his corporate overlords. But Jeffrey Goldberg doesn't know that much about new media. I know that sounds odd, given that he is a blogger at what was once one of the savvier new media websites, but there you have it. One of the many reasons I don't engage his blog more frequently on matters relating to new media is that he's not very knowledgeable about the dynamics of blogging as a form, or of the radical new democracy of online personal voices which render institutional authority and corporate branding so exhausted and old-school. This might be because these issues don't interest him. But his endorsement of this almighty mess could not be put more eloquently than this:

(Sorry, I can't seem to load his page right now, seriously -- I'll put in the link as soon as I can).

Linking on the web. Who needs it?

After an avalanche of reader email, I've asked the suits for an end to the font mess, restoration of the latest posts of the other bloggers on the right (you don't read Goldberg because he's so goddamn sexy, after all), a fix for the 'continue reading' function so that you don't have to find out where you are when you click through, a restitution of the Dish search function, a return of a functional sitemeter - a transparency feature of the Dish since almost its inception - and a redesign of the header so it doesn't seem so fused with the blog.

Some vacation. See you next week unless the redesign strikes again.