Failed Foods

Meg Favreau remembers some of the worst:

In 1994, Prepared Foods (“the industry's leading ingredient-oriented, food, beverage and nutritional product development publication”) came out with a piece in its Annual highlighting failed product launches from the previous 10 years. The article started with 1983, the Year That Everybody Decided to Make a Cheese-Filled Hot Dog. It's little wonder that none of these lasted; one of these hot dogs was called Frank 'n' Stuff, and I can unequivocally say that here's nothing that makes me less excited to eat a food than giving it a name that hearkens to sticking together cadavers (which I guess is kind of what hot dogs are already). Then, Prepared Foods points out, in 1990 there was Betty Crocker's microwavable bread, six-ounce loaves that were purchased partially baked and finished with two-to-three minutes in the microwave. Oh, and what about when Clorox was making microwavable meals? Because nothing says “good food” like a company primarily associated with bleach.