Democracy From Below?

Ashraf Zeitoon studies a survey of Arab youth:

Another surprising finding was that Arab youth prioritize living in a democratic country over everything else. 99 percent of those interviewed in the survey in Kuwait revealed that living in a democracy was either "very important" or "somewhat important", while Egypt followed with the second highest at 98 percent and the UAE was third at 96 percent.

Imagine if the US could help establish a genuine democracy on the West Bank. Not easy - but surely easier than Iraq! I believe we are at a pivotal moment - for the US to help save Israel and turn the Jihadist dynamic around. It probably won't happen in Iraq ... but in Palestine? Talk about transformational.

This is partly what Obama was elected for. It's good for Israel, good for the US and good for the global war against Jihadist terrorism. And, yes, it's also just.