Collegiality Over Accountability

Mark Shea considers whether the pope will remove any bishops:

T'aint gonna happen. (Not that I don't wish it would some days. I long for the expulsion of toads like Mahony from their sees.) But the reality is that this Pope appears to be pursuing almost exactly the same course as JPII when it comes to dealing with idiot bishops. To be sure, he is far more zealous in seeing to it that pervert priests get the bum's rush. But as far as bishops go, he is as reluctant as JPII to treat them like middle management who work for him. [...T]he Pope is not the Supreme Maximum Leader who can run about treating brother bishops as mere underlings who work for him. If I'm right (and I'm pretty certain I am), the Pope feels himself very hindered by the Church's teaching on collegiality. [...] What's that? says John Q Public, "collegiality?".. And that, right there, is the source of the disconnect (since most people perceive the Pope as the CEO of Catholicism, Inc.)