Cameron Receives an Endorsement

by Alex Massie

It's poor form for foreign leaders to intervene in other countries' elections. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop them from doing so. In other circumstances David Cameron might be pleased by this verdict from a veteran statesman:

We have always related better with the British through the Conservatives than Labour. Conservatives are bold, (Tony) Blair and (Gordon) Brown run away when they see me, but not these fools, they know how to relate to others. We have a better chance with David Cameron than with Brown.

Apart from the unfortunate, less than wholly-diplomatic "fools" bit that sounds good! Except, alas, that all this means is that Dave has secured the vital Robert Mugabe endorsement.

Then again, there are plenty of people in these islands who might agree that even an old brute can be right sometimes:

Blair is a downright liar, utterly dishonest, hypocritical.

Next week: Labour are endorsed by Kim Jong-Il...