Blair's Journey

by Alex Massie

S320x240I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but since we don't know what's actually in Tony Blair's memoirs the cover and title is all we have.

And, geez, it looks like the kind of autobiography normally written for American Idol contestants or B-list celebrities publicising their confessions on daytime television. I mean, "The Journey", really?

Well, you know, I'd just like to thank you Simon, and the other judges, for being able to share this journey with you. It's been an incredible ride! I think we've all, like, grown during this process and I'm just so excited to have been a part of it. You guys are the best! And, you know, thanks too to God for making it all possible. You're always in my heart big guy. Couldn't do it without you.

Somehow I doubt that's how Blair sees it but, since there's always been something of the showman about Blair, who knows?

Incidentally, the book is being published in September; right around the time when Labour may be enduring a leadership election.