Approval Climbs, Ctd

Benen celebrates Gallup's latest health care poll:

If Republicans were right, these results would be impossible. Democrats are "ramming through" a proposal that the country hates? Americans will be outraged. But they're not. In fact, most Americans are apparently pretty pleased with the outcome -- and that's after just one day after the House vote. As more of the country learns that GOP scare tactics were baseless, and hears about the new benefits that kick in this year, the polls will likely improve further.

Nate Silver warns about reading too much into one poll. Gary Langer's two cents on health care polling more generally:

[T]here’s opportunity ahead for each side to make its case - and while the future's unknown, we do have one recent experience to consider: In our polling in April 2006, just 41 percent of adults overall, and 50 percent of seniors, supported the expansion of prescription drug coverage in Medicare that had just passed the Congress. By 2008, in an AARP poll of seniors who were enrolled in the program, 67 percent described themselves as very or extremely satisfied with it.