Another Oscars

A reader writes:

I have no clue why I watched the Oscar's tonight. I predicted every category correctly aside from two (I had Oscar Streep winning Best Actress and Avatar winning Best Picture). But Jesus has it been lame. Neil Patrick Harris, who I love, had a shitty opener. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, who I love, were stiff and uncomfortable (the former more than the latter).
And now it is midnight, midnight!, and the thing ran so long that the biggest award and (arguably) the biggest star, Tom Hanks, got all of two minutes screen time. My guess is the ratings will be huge this year but that this spectacle will kill next year's audience.

Another writes:

Sorry you think this Oscar presentation was so dreary. I think it's the best since Jon Stewart's a few years ago. I'm a member of the Academy, but my ballot didn't arrive in the mail (though I voted in the nomination process), and when I called to complain, there wasn't time for them to overnight the ballot to me, for me to complete it, and get it back to them by the deadline).  Still, my vote would have been for K. Bigelow and for "The Hurt Locker," and most definitely, absolutely for Mo'Nique, who gave a performance of harrowing honesty and truth.

I had a swell time.   Sorry you didn't.