An Internet Star Is Made


Alexa Meade, who we blogged about awhile back, was a virtual unknown two weeks ago. Now she is to be shown at Saatchi Gallery in London. Dak Zak wrote about her in yesterday's WaPo:

Internet memes are most virulent when they blow people's minds, and Meade's "Living Paintings" seem to have done that. For two weeks she has been linked, blogged, page-viewed, tweeted, Digged, thumbs-upped, CNN'd, OMG'd and lavished with parades of exclamation points by anonymous commenters -- the plebeian, virtual equivalent of a good opening at MoMA, minus the bona fides.

Zak adds a detail at his blog:

Alexa keeps the acrylic epidermis of her subjects in big Ziploc bags. The nature of her work is temporal; once a model is done sitting, that’s it. The paint peels off. You’ll never see it again, except for in a photographic print. She keeps the molted paint in the bags, as artifacts. It’s very “CSI.”