AIPAC Responds, Ctd

A reader writes:

Diehl is unbelievable.  He describes the reason for the ejection of Mossad's top officer in Britain as a "flap"?  Using British identities in an international assassination?

This was the second time Mossad used British passports, and the last time Britain made it crystal clear that this should never be done again.  It is also a direct insult to Britain and the other nations, since it is telling that no US passports were used, as far as we know. 

Since these were taken from the identities of dual citizens of Israel by the Israeli government, the biggest opportunity for use was American passports.  Yet Israel was worried enough about an American reaction that they avoided using US passports.  That may be lonely evidence that Netanyahu doesn't think the U.S. will put up with anything he does.  But it is also evidence of complete Israeli disdain towards the governments of Britain, France, and Germany, and a cavalier willingness to endanger the lives of all those who hold those passports.

A "flap"?