Accepting Ex-Gays

Jason Kuznicki refuses to rank inner experiences:

If ex-gays live up to the change that they declare has happened, and if they are happy with themselves, then I have no business doubting. The world is a big, complicated place, full of strangeness and wonder. It confronts me every day with things that I can scarcely imagine, including this. That’s just how it works. I accept you, ex-gays, as sincere.

Me too. The second chapter of "Love Undetectable" is an exploration of the psychoanalytic arguments about the origins of homosexual and heterosexual orientation. A caveat:

What about those ex-gays who say that everyone is “really” heterosexual, and that no genuine gay identity exists at all? They’re disqualified, because they’re not playing by the rules. In making these claims, they speak not only about their own internal state (“I was never really gay.”) but also about others’ internal states (“Therefore no one else is really gay, either”). That’s neither consistent nor fair, because it privileges one set of internal experiences over another.