"Why I Read Your Blog"

A reader writes:

This latest scandal with the Pope, which I have learned about almost entirely from your blog, drives home our society's unending ability to focus on the trivial over the critical. Outrage just never seems to be directed at the right people, places or institutions.

Compare the MSM's coverage of the allegations against Bill Clinton for his misbehavior with their coverage of the allegations against the Pope for his misbehavior. The Beltway pundits have wrung their hands about Obama's choice of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff more than they ever did about McCain's choice of Palin as Vice Presidential nominee. The modern GOP is more outraged about Democratic parliamentary tactics than about the fact that many Americans will die this year due to lack of health care -- and the MSM just follows right along.

In other words, I read your blog because you seem outraged about the right things.