"So That Means You Love Each Other" Ctd

A reader writes:

The video of the child who says..."that means you love each other..." made me smile.

My nine year old boy came home days after Valentine Day and reported with no hint of irony or malice (and kids can be vicious at this age...the expression "gay lord" for someone who is not cool, is a favorite expression in my son's class) that a classmate over lunch told him that he is gay, "he really likes boys." But that was not the issue. The topic over lunch was how sad that this boy could not send out Valentine Cards to other boys for fear of offending them or be misunderstood. My son was very taken by the fact that being in a minority, this classmate may have to wait a while to find boys like him.

And I have to say, as a mother who works very hard at teaching right from wrong, this issue of gay and straight...effortless...it has been effortless on my part. I have had to explain very little.

You are right the new generations get it.

I have my own story on these lines with my own beloved niece and nephew.

They were nine and eleven at the time and no one - their mum and dad or me - had told them about my being "gay." Because of the travel ban, my ability to see them was restricted so they came to see me and Aaron in Provincetown one summer. On their first visit to our little one-room, 250 foot condo on the beach was: "Where does Aaron sleep?" I said we slept in the same bed. They didn't ask anything more about that.

But after being with us a few days, my niece unprompted asked, "Where's Uncle Aaron?" She can still recount our marriage vows by heart. They get it.