"A Dunk In The Water"

Via Massie, Mark Benjamin describes how waterboarding worked in practice:

The CIA's waterboarding regimen was so excruciating, the memos show, that agency officials found themselves grappling with an unexpected development: detainees simply gave up and tried to let themselves drown. "In our limited experience, extensive sustained use of the waterboard can introduce new risks," the CIA's Office of Medical Services wrote in its 2003 memo. "Most seriously, for reasons of physical fatigue or psychological resignation, the subject may simply give up, allowing excessive filling of the airways and loss of consciousness."

Remember when we were told that it lasted just a few seconds and provided miraculous, accurate intelligence? And are still told by propagandists like Marc Thiessen and Cliff May that the victims were actually grateful for this and treated it as a religious liberation?

Now imagine what we still don't know about what Cheney and his band of incompetent and weak war criminals got away with.