Yesterday's Terror Attack In Austin

Readers have asked why I haven't commented. To be honest, I spent much of yesterday afternoon at Princeton, where I gave a speech last night - to be broadcast on CSPAN at some point. I had to write my column after it and was working till 4 am. Today I focused on those posts I didn't need to amass a whole amount of new information on. Tonight I'm hosting a fundraiser at my house for the Trevor Project, an organization that helps gay teens contemplating suicide.

These past two weeks I've written several posts that are the length of essays and Chris and Patrick's invaluable help in finding and aggregating the blogosphere does not extend to the Dish's editorial opinion on such an event, its meaning, its implications. I hope to grapple with it over the weekend when I have had time to absorb the manifesto and the facts.

We work so hard here that it sometimes seems as if the Dish is now a well-staffed news organization. It isn't. There are three of us. I don't even have a personal assistant. We have only just been allowed two interns to help us exclusively. Give us a break sometimes, will you? We're only human.