Why I Still Watch Palin Like A Hawk


In today's volatile, recession-angry political climate, a nut-case like Palin, able to channel populist resentments while sucking every last dollar out of the media-conservative complex, remains dangerous. The NYT has a good profile today. Her ability to lie and lie and lie and get away with it, her indisputable charisma and sex appeal, and her fathomless ignorance make her a rogue indeed. So rogue that even Bill Kristol has now publicy claimed to be "disappointed" in her endorsement of Rand Paul, because it might imply some small dissent from the global war-machine he wants the bankrupt US to become. (No worries, Bill. Since Israel is where Armageddon takes place, one of your core reasons for backing her remains intact). I note also that even John Coale, her one-time strong ally and husband of Greta Van Susteren, is offering a tiny veiled critique:

“She used to be a moderate Republican in Alaska, but I think all of these attacks have hardened her and made her absolutely more conservative ... I think there have been times during all the attacks when she thought, ‘This is just too much.’ ... But now I think it all makes her more determined. Whatever she’s doing now, it feels like a calling to her."

A divine calling. Then there the usual odd lies:

When asked by The New York Times for others to speak to about Ms. Palin, her spokeswoman, Ms. Stapleton, mentioned the Republican media adviser Mary Matalin (who has been in sporadic contact with Ms. Palin’s camp) and Dana Perino, the former White House press secretary for George W. Bush (who seemed barely to know her).

C'mon, Levi. Write the book.

(The first draft of this got John Coale's first name wrong. My apologies.)