What Today's Republicans Believe, Ctd

R.L.G. at DiA finds meaning in the Kos poll:

The conclusion that remains is that the Republican leadership (including that media leadership) is deeply irresponsible. When those passingly-informed people check in briefly, for the health of the country, they'd better be getting a few responsible messages to absorb. Instead, people in nice suits with great hair and a television gigthings that used to go along with sober authorityare telling them that the president cares more about Miranda-ising terrorist Muslims than he does about dead American babies. The viewers have never heard this kind of thing before. But this is not because of a once-in-a-lifetime radical president. It's because of a once-in-a-lifetime irresponsible party elite. Blame the bosses, not the masses.

Amen. But this is not news. This is Rove.