This Era's 'Hiroshima,' Ctd


Bmaz at Empty Wheel looks at David Margolis's conflict of interest:

Time after time the reports of frustration with the OPR process wind up with one name involved: David Margolis. Margolis is not even part of the OPR, yet controls every significant report emanating from the OPR and, by his own admission, has been the sole gatekeeper for any findings of misconduct “since the 1990s”.

If Margolis has ever found misconduct by higher level officials in the department, I cannot find it. Of course that is not surprising in light of the secrecy and lack of transparency testified to by Glen Fine. Secrecy and opaqueness proudly wielded and ordered at the command of – you guessed it – David Margolis, who is concerned that his department’s attorneys not be “humiliated”. Public disclosure and trust is such a quaint thing compared to protecting your own it seems for Mr. Margolis.

(Photos: a stress position authorized by Dick Cheney of a terror suspect never formally charged with any crime and a stress position as authorized by the Peruvian Inquisition. The victims of the Inquisition's stress positions were not also subject to forced nudity and sexual humiliation. These were added by Cheney and Runsfeld specifically to offend Muslim suspects. For more on the exact parallels in techniques, see here.)