This Era's 'Hiroshima' Ctd

Scott Horton looks at the appearance of rank corruption involved in some of the bizarre and legally preposterous defenses of torture explored in the OPR Report:

With Steven Bradbury, the OPR Report research provides useful information in the form of an email from Deputy Attorney General James Comey:

[Philbin] had previously reported that Steve [Bradbury] was getting constant similar pressure from Harriet Miers and David Addington to produce the opinions [authorizing torture techniques.] I have previously expressed my worry that having Steve as ‘Acting’and wanting the jobwould make him susceptible to just this kind of pressure.

Comey is referring to pressure coming from the White House for Bradbury to issue an opinion legalizing torture procedures. And Comey is unequivocal as to why Bradbury is willing to render the desired opinionin order to secure a formal nomination as assistant attorney general in charge of OLC. In fact, almost immediately after Bradbury produced the memo, the White House okayed his name going forward for the appointment as an assistant attorney general.