This Era's 'Hiroshima' Ctd

Fallows follows up on the political criteria for Margolis' over-ruling of the clear findings of professional misconduct on the part of Yoo and Bybee in legally authorizing torture beyond any reasonable interpretation of the law. He also adds a new tool for reading it, which I urge every reader to do. I know it's long and I haven't finished it all myself yet, but all I can say is that, even for someone like me who has been steeped in this for years, it's a revelatory insight into how a constitutional democracy can be perverted into something much more akin to a permanent monarchical protectorate while the general public carries on unawares:

Searchable versions of both of these reports, along with many other torture-memo-related documents, are now available here.

If you believe that the first duty of a citizenry is to make sure its constitution is not under extreme attack from its own leaders, then there is no civic duty more pressing than reading this chilling report in full.