Thiessen's Pitch

Friedersdorf whacks Andy McCarthy and Marc Thiessen:

Mr. Thiessen seldom writes a post without asserting that if everyone would only read his book, Courting Disaster, the strengths of his argument would be apparent. I am certainly amenable to reading books written by folks with whom I disagree, but time is limited. And every time I see an argument this weak Mr. Thiessen obliviously asserting that captured soldiers in traditional wars can’t withhold information about planned attacks, whereas terrorists can I think to myself, “No, his doesn’t seem to be a book length effort worth my time, no matter how many occasions he plugs it on The Corner.”

I am going to try and get through it soon. I can only hope that he has deliberately presented the weakest and most transparently ludicrous arguments out front in order to lure readers in to the deeper subtleties within. He surely cannot believe his public defense of these war crimes can be taken seriously as an intellectual or moral matter.