The Weekend Wrap

On the Dish this weekend Andrew took another long look at the president's meeting with House Republicans. Jon Cohn and Kevin Drum digested the latest machinations on HCR while Norm Ornstein reiterated last year's legislative gains. The UK showed a measure of accountability to its leaders, but the US caved again.

Jonah Lehrer examined how power corrupts and why we like music, Meghan O'Rourke mapped out the mourning process, Amanda Ripley relayed the qualities of a good teacher, Caitlan Flanagan slammed educational gardens, Patrick Brown tackled reality TV, and Greg Lukianoff surveyed the spread of PC.

Jimmel Kimmel cut down Jay Leno, Cottle exposed Frank Luntz, and Andrew called out CBS. Readers illuminated more feminism in Biblical times and gave props to Mancrunch. MHBs here and here. Dog-blogging here. Movie crack here. More masturbation talk here.

-- C.B.