The Weekend Wrap

Andrew live-blogged Palin's speech here and here. His immediate take-away here, and further analysis here, here, and here. Later on, she essentially announced her candidacy, called for full-scale war with Iran, and kissed Limbaugh's ring. Weigel corrected her false history, moderated a fratricidal spat, and scooped up other details from the Tea Party Convention. Mark Leibovich profiled her in the NYT.

In Levi coverage, his pistachios are huge but his Playgirl cover is lacking. Fox edited Stewart and O'Reilly to make the latter look better, Oliver North played the NAMBLA card, Thiessen topped himself, and DiA delved into the disturbing use of torture treaties to torture.

In science coverage, we learned how to survive a fall from 35,000 feet and the many uses of nano glass spray. Nick Carr informed us how unhip blogging has become, Ryan Sager examined tipping, Totten reviewed Hurt Locker, and Jake Weisberg told us to quit our whining. Andrew meditated over Montaigne, friendship, and time. His column this week focused on the Gitmo "suicides."

Super Bowl coverage here, here, here, here, and especially here. The snowpocalypse drove a weatherman crazy. Our window book is a big hit in the bathroom. Action-movie rap-ups here and ugly furniture here.

-- C.B.