The Weekend Wrap

This weekend on the Dish, the GOP started to panic over HCR, ACT UP took action in NYC, Ahmadi appeared unsafe, Barak warned of a possible "apartheid" in Israel, Nashville banded together against a hate crime, and the WaPo hired pro-torture Thiessen. In Cheney coverage, Politico explored his desire to attack, a reader added two cents, and Andrew dialed down his criticism of DADT and caught him confessing to a war crime.

In other coverage, Don Peck and Ryan Avent explored the psychological impact of the recession, Christopher Ryan delved into why humans are gay, New Scientist studied the circuitry of comedy, David Aaronovitch read a book on conspiracy theories, Evgeny Morozov knocked the idea of an internet Nobel, Sam Anderson investigated a new web phenomenon called ChatRoulette, and the Dish composed a comprehensive look at Facebook. Dreher talked religious conversion, Bruce Barlett didn't buy the Paul Ryan budget, and Andrew for his column focused on Palin's presidential future.

In valentine coverage, Lori Gottlieb talked soul mates, Miriam Markowitz reviewed A Vindication of Love, Buzzfeed brought the bromance, some readers reacted to Grindr, and another recommended a creepy ad.

-- C.B.