The US-Israel Relationship, Ctd

A reader writes:

Talking about anti-Semitism is evading the issue.  The issue is the threat posed to Israel by totally selfless Muslims and leftists all over the world.  They are willing to die and to cause millions of their people to die because they believe it is just to destroy Israel.  They don't care about the Palestinians, who could have a state tomorrow if they were willing to accept Israel's right to live.  Launching rockets against Sderot was pointless.  The fact that the number of casualties was low is irrelevant.  They were launched to prevent peace and to kill Jews.  They were also launched to provoke a retaliatory attack, which would lead to more martyrs.  Israel is not facing an enemy with self-interest.

Iran hates Sunnis and Iranians scorn Arabs.  Ahmadinejad is willing to let half the Iranians get killed in a nuclear retaliation in order to do what is righteous and beautiful--destroying Israel.

Your mistake is assuming that Israel's enemies are practical.  They aren't.  Hitler wasn't practical when he drove out Germany's atomic scientists.  He wasn't practical when he diverted trains supplying his soldiers in order to use them instead to get as many remaining Jews from Budapest to Auschwitz as possible before the war was over.

Israel aided Haiti knowing perfectly well that the aid would receive no publicity and no gratitude.  Israel admits gay Palestinians knowing perfectly well that some of them will try to become suicide bombers.  Never before in history has a country facing such danger behaved with such morality.  Israel admits Darfurian refugees; Arab countries try to kill them.