The Tea Partiers And Today's Summit

A reader writes:

If these Tea Party people were serious about fiscal sanity, they would boo Ryan on sight for his vote for Medicare D. They would boo Cantor on sight. They would boo Boehner on sight. They would run primary challenges against all these people, and not let them forget the sins they committed against their country.

But the Tea Party movement is not serious. It is an act of collective amnesia, for Republican voters to convince themselves that everything bad that's going on is all Obama's fault, and everything was going great until he showed up and ruined us all.

Other folks who were at that summit and complained about Medicare's finances, after having voted to bankrupt the program themselves: Boehner, Cantor, Grassley, Enzi, Conrad (a Democrat). There are a few more, too, but I'm going on memory of what I saw at the summit.  These people set a ticking fiscal time bomb, and are now blaming Obama after it's been handed to him. 

To his credit, McCain voted against Medicare Part D. But a serious strike against him is that he doesn't publicly place the blame where it belongs.  He's just another part of the anti-Obama posturing on this.