The Sane GOP Edges Slowly Away From Palin

This Brown guy isn't so bad:

In a Jan. 28 interview with the Associated Press, [Scott] Brown said he didn't know Palin, had never spoken with her and that she never reached out to him. Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton told the news Web site Politico that Palin did speak with Brown on election night and congratulated him "on his most historic victory for not only Massachusetts but the nation." A Brown aide said the call from the former Republican presidential candidate "had completely slipped his mind," and added that it was very nice of her to make the call.

I'm reliably told that very very few Republicans running in competitive seats want her anywhere near them. In some ways, it appears Scott Brown's success really did hurt Palin's luster. At some point, as Palin mania subsides, even the MSM may begin to investigate who exactly she really is.