The Redesign

Yep, almost everyone hates it. But almost everyone hates every redesign ever done at first. I don't like the shift in fonts from text to blockquote (font consistency is a bug of mine) or the decision to remove the latest posts from the various bloggers, or the free floating header which once had a clean boundary. Many of you agree:

I'm all for change but there's too many different fonts in your new format. My head is usually spinning from your content, please don't add to it w/ your layout.

Amen. The most common criticism:

I sadly miss the box where the latest post of each correspondent was shown, with the time of said post.  Having to go to each person's site to see what they've written lately is cumbersome!!

I'm sure it will hurt their traffic too. But one core point of the redesign seems to be to drive as much traffic as possible to the Atlantic Wire. The old group-of-bloggers model seems to have been commercially junked. I don't have any say in this, of course. Not everyone's a grouch:

Great redesign! Not as great as an actual iPhone version (one can dream!), but a vast improvement on the previous version.

There is an iPhone app. The Dish is even on it. The rest of the site, according to the readers, is a little wobbly this morning:

Okay, you are not responsible (I'm not accusing, honest!), but the whole of the Atlantic website is broken. I'm only writing to you because you're usually pretty bullish on technical bloggy mishaps, and I thought your righteous anger could be well used.

Links are broken, archives misplaced, the Dish has gone from revolution green to an uncharacteristically-sedate blue, the "keepers" are outdated, etc etc. I know it's a redesign, but didn't the tech people test out the new goods first?

Most of the glitches are now fixed. It's hard to get everything right at once.