The Redesign, Ctd

by Patrick Appel

Fallows isn't entirely happy. From his follow up:

I consider the new layout of "personal" blog pages to be a serious step backward, since it makes all sites look the same and drains them of personality and visual interest, plus making them much harder to read. I hope, and think, that this part of the design will be re-visited.

TNC gives his take on the redesign here. If you have problems that have not been addressed, you can comment on this thread. The Dish is still getting many emails along these lines:

The idea that quoted segments should be offset by four different mechanisms (light gray background, dark gray text, change of font to sans serif, and indentation) is just far too jarring. It is akin, in my opinion, to TV having text scrolling across the bottom of the screen while having a split screen with action on the right and info about the speaker on the left. Too many things to watch/listen-to at the same time.