The Real Cameron?

Johann Hari interviews David Cameron:

David Cameron is a hazy cloud of charm and platitudes: no matter how hard you peer into him, you cannot find anything solid to focus on for long. There are flickers of apparently real pro-gay feeling, but they are soon followed by excuse-making for some of the most anti-gay politicians in Europe. Which is the real Cameron? On this issue, I suspect even he doesn’t know. But over the next four years, we are all going to find out: the beaming lights of power will part this mysterious and contradictory fog.

I'm not so convinced he's going to win a real majority. The electoral math is very, very hard, given the way the constituencies are constructed. I side with WIlliam Hague on guarding against complacency. But read the whole thing. The Dish intends to cover the British election with almost as much scrutiny as an American one. Our British readership keeps growing - and the evolution of the Tory Party toward the pragmatic center might help bring the GOP back from its increasingly deranged brink.