The Perfect Toilet Companion

A reader writes:

Very happy email below from someone I gifted your book to. Please don't take offense that she put it in the bathroom...

I had a scrapbooking party at my house last weekend. I put our window Cover-small book in the bathroom after Christmas. Well I noticed that people at the party were in the bathroom for the longest time (frankly I thought it was weird that so many girls were pooping at my house at the same time). Anyway, on Sunday somebody walked out with the book and asked where I got it. Everyone chimed in and said they loved it and that's what they were doing in the bathroom, looking at the book (pooping mystery solved). Aunt Denise even went on the website and ordered one.

It was a big hit and I love it.

Love, Mom

Preview the book here and order it here. And enjoy your loo-time even more.