The Palin Emails II

Here are three more emails from March 21 - 23, 2008, which I reproduce because of the Dish's long commitment to providing as much information about the strange stories Sarah Palin has told about her fifth pregnancy and because governor Palin has welcomed such scrutiny, declaring that her life is an open book. They come from this 3,000 email archive from the State of Alaska, requested by MSNBC.

A little over a month after Trig was born, the state sent Governor Palin an email asking for his birth certificate. It's a routine letter, reminding Palin that if the state did not get the certificate within a month, any state benefits for the child would be suspended. Since Trig had special needs, I imagine this would be important in providing support for his rearing. Here's the first email:

You can click to enlarge. For some reason, Governor Palin and her staff did not respond to the email about her one-month old baby. Instead, the next day, one of the governor's staffers, Janice Mason, forwarded the email to Todd Palin, marking it "URGENT":

The First Dude replied that he had "called, thanks." Maybe readers can search further into the email record to see if there is any update that confirms that the state of Alaska received the certificate and granted Trig the relevant government benefits. I sure hope so. A child with Down Syndrome may need such benefits.

And for good measure, here's my own long-form birth certificate, which I was required to produce as part of my green card application:

Andrew Sullivan Birth Certificate