The OPR Report: Your Turn To Be Analysts And Reporters

"I just hope that when all of this comes out, the institution doesn't take the hit, but rather the hit is taken by those individuals who occupied positions at OLC and OAG and were too weak to stand up for the principles that undergird the rest of this great institution," - Deputy AG Jim Comey, in an email to Chuck Rosenberg, p. 144 in the OPR Report.

Below is the report in full (with some really disgraceful redactions).

All next week, I hope to examine it in detail - with your help.

So many of you are lawyers and will be able to analyze this better than I can. Please email us with any things that leap out at you, any things we might miss (just put OPR in the email subject line to make it easier) . The same, of course, goes for non-lawyers - just citizens and human beings.

This will become a critical piece of information for history and for future prosecution of the war criminals involved. Please help us expose it - in all its aspects - to as many people around the world as possible. The Dish has the kind of readership now in which this can make a difference, push critical points high up in Google searches, bring the disgrace of the last administration to every corner of the world - because you know the MSM cannot and will not do that.

Let's show what the blogosphere can do. Have at it: