The Night Of June 14, Ctd

A reader writes:

Couple of points about the new video: The full length version is about 20 minutes long and you can find it here: Part 1 / Part 2

The timing of this leak was really interesting.

On Feb. 20th Tehran's police chief (A. Rajabzadeh) stepped down. He started the job 16 months ago and he is leaving it for a position in the Tehran municipality. During his departing ceremony he said that he was proud of the Police force and that since the election the Police had neither killed anybody or lost any of its servicemen. Moreover, he stated that after the huge rally on June 15th, Tehran was in effect in IRGC control (more specifically the Sar-Allah HQ). Now a couple of days later a high quality video is leaked directly contradicting him. I am thinking this might be a targeted leak. In other words, someone in IRGC was not happy with what Rajabzadeh had said.  One final tidbit: Rajabzadeh's replacement is an IRGC man.

Enduring America adds:

No one in the Islamic Republic accepts responsibility for the actions of the non-uniformed forces. Their actions are usually denied by officials or are attributed to unknown people (and sometimes blamed on foreign intelligence agencies). In the summer the Supreme Leader referred to the attack on the student dorms as crimes, but he added that the attacks were carried out by assailants who had not been identified (see video).

This video proves that either Khamenei, despite being the Supreme Leader, was not given the complete facts about the events or he was lying. ... Neither of these two possibilities bode well for the regime.