The Last One Quits

Meghan Stapleton, the most loyal of all Palin's aides, has now quit. She was the most loyal of the loyal, the most inner of the inner circle. In the end, even the closest aides cannot keep telling the kind of lies that Palin demands of them. Money quote, which surely reflects back on Palin's decision to launch a national campaign, a book tour and a cable news career while having custody of an infant with Down Syndrome:

“Earlier this week, I handed Governor Palin my resignation, effective the end of this month. While I had hoped to work together on so many more projects, time with my precious 2-year-old has been further minimized with the whirlwind commitments of all things Palin. I have done my best to scale back, but Isabella is now resorting to hiding my BlackBerry, and she shouldn't grow up begging for a mother to start acting like a mother.”

Ouch. (My italics).