The Enquirer And The Pulitzer

A reader writes:

With all due respect to your reader, it’s a load of crap that the Enquirer shouldn’t get the award because of the prurient nature of the Edwards story or the fact that they used it to try to make money.  Here’s the Pulitzer’s website for past winners for “breaking reporting”:

2009 - NYT- for breaking the Eliot Spitzer Sex Scandal

2005 – New Jersey Star Ledger – for reporting on the resignation of New Jersey’s governor based upon his gay adultery admissions

So in the last 5 years, 40% of the winners for reporting have been for political sex scandals.  I also concede that the New York Times isn’t very good at making money of late, but that’s still a large part of their objective.  This man was almost the VP in 2004 and reading David Pflouffe’s book, made a huge push to be the VP on the Democratic ticket this year.  It’s an important story and the Enquirer should be rewarded to the extent their reporting was on par with the Times or the Ledger.