The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish the Obama administration seemed more capable than the Bush people in fighting terrorism. It also showed its seriousness on nuclear energy and crop subsidies while John Judis revealed Obama's under-the-radar reforms. Megan, on the other hand, explained why his tongue is tied over Bush's fiscal record. Budget reax here, here, and here.

Bruce Schulman, Austin Frakt, and Jon Chait kept building the case to pass HCR. Fallows featured a dismal view of our political system, Greenwald mourned the rule of law, Ackerman tackled Hayden over torture, Bruce Bartlett picked apart Pawlenty, Norm Geras and Larison discounted Blair's testimony, and Jonathan Bernstein downplayed campaign narratives. Andrew despaired over Holder's decision on the OPR report.

Aaron Belkin previewed the DADT announcement tomorrow while Adam Serwer showed the progress already made. Mike Pence professed his Christianism against gays while Andrew expressed the traits of Christian confidence. George Packer just said no to media drugs. The Dish posted two messages to the tea-partiers. In Grammy-blogging, Pink and Rush Limbaugh rocked the house.  Weekend wrap here. Crazy stop-motion here.

-- C.B.