The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we hailed Colin Powell's coming-around on DADT (exposing McCain's cynicism even further). Saxby Chambliss and Peter Sprigg spouted nonsense on the subject, a reader pwned Kristol, and another shared some wisdom. Marc Lynch cheered Iraq's decision to reverse the Sunni ban. In Iran, Ahmadi seemed to reverse course on the nuclear deal and tried to hide his opponents. Meanwhile, Mousavi muscled up for February 11.

In other news, we learned how we got more intelligence from the undie bomber, found out the shoe bomber was Mirandized as well, and reminded readers of the best way to think of terrorists. Palin defended her Tea Party funds (and ducked her taxes?) while Andrew called out her cant and played coy. Scott Brown slowly backed away. Alaskans tired of her. And the GOP looked darker by the day.

Prop 8 reenactments here. Sign this petition. Tumbleweeds were never so entertaining.

-- C.B.