The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew digested the healthcare summit while Harvey Mansfield, William Galston, Bainbridge, and John Cole mulled over HCR. Meanwhile, Obama got pissed and Gibbs got petty. The Economist highlighted a new version of cap-and-trade. Green Movement updates from Reza Aslan, Enduring America, and Juan Cole.

Wieseltier went after Andrew. Bloggers came to his defense here and here. Thiessen and Yglesias went at it over torture, Friedersdorf and Greenwald tackled Obama over his assassination program, and Rubio gay-baited Crist. In optimistic omens for gay rights, Iowa forgot about marriage equality and Dan Choi returned to the ranks.

John Avlon saw a silver lining in the Tea Party Convention while even Ron Paul is getting targeted by its candidates. Ambinder glimpsed at the frightening future for Palin, Nate Silver contrasted her with Bush, and the mother of a special-needs child wrote in.  The Dish tallied another odd lie, delved into the latest Trig email, and posted Andrew's birth certificate once and for all.

MTV finally admitted what all of us have known for years. A reader continued the conversation on The Hurt Locker, another chimed in on Ethan Bronner, and another responded to a recession view update. We found a great movie mash-up here and window view here.

-- C.B.